Routing and Dispatch
for better management

Optimizing your transportation routes is crucial for your business, be that delivering goods by trucks or transporting passengers by taxi.

Through our Routing and Dispatch solution, you will be able to save time and money by easily managing and optimizing routes via our application dashboard, utilizing our platform’s routing algorithms.

A combination of manual and automatic routing is available to best suit your needs. Each vehicle and driver can be assigned pre-planned routes, and each route’s data (length, assets and cost) will be saved. Add multiple stops to your routes, to fulfill different requests on one route. Separately track drivers and vehicles depending on your needs.

Benefits related with

  • Merchandising reports
  • Upload geotagged photos

While your solution will depend on your needs, regardless of the services used, everything can be managed and tracked through our online platform and in real-time.

Increased speed
to make better use of your time

By using our automatic route planner you will be able to faster cater to your transportation demands.

Lowered costs
associated with the insight you gain

By optimizing routes for location and driving habits you can fulfil the transportation requests at a lower cost.

Independent tracking

Track drivers and vehicles independently depending on the job, so a vehicle can be used by multiple drivers and a driver can complete jobs with different vehicles

Increase client’s trust

Whether your clients are expecting to receive goods or to be picked up, share route information and updates with the client from the application dashboard

Arrive on time

By overlaying traffic data when optimizing routes, you will be able to have more reliable ETAs.