On-board Camera
for better safety and transparency

Safety of your drivers and the cargo is paramount in any transportation business; so, we provide the On-board Camera solution to improve your business’ safety.

By adding a on-board camera to your vehicles, you will be able to remotely monitor the driving behavior of your drivers and receive notifications in your application panel if a dangerous event occurs. Associate unsafe events with drivers in their driver page.

Through this solution you will be able to identify unsafe driving and improve your fleet’s safety.

Benefits related with
On-board Camera

  • Instant notifications
  • Enhance driver history data
  • Maintain privacy

While your solution will depend on your needs, regardless of the services used, everything can be managed and tracked through our online platform and in real-time.

Enhance driver history data for enhanced driving assessments

Now you will also have video records of all your drivers’ driving behavior in their pages to better assess them. Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum.

Instant notifications
to be aware of your drivers' driving behavior

When an unsafe driving behavior is detected you will instantly get notified, so you can act appropriately (notify or recall your driver).

Maintain privacy
by having a case-sensitive recording device

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Track behavior while maintaining privacy, since our on-board cameras record only in case of an unsafe event happening.