Field Services
and keeping track of customer satisfaction

A request for a field service requires analysis of the request and scheduling the worker. Through our Field Services solution, you can check employee skills, availability, and location and match them with the service request.

With dedicated employee, job and consumer pages you can easily manage your field services. Communicate with your employees via the application to assign tasks and track their completion. Keep track of customer satisfaction.

Benefits associated with
Field Services

  • Easy scheduling
  • Integrated job management
  • Combine jobs
  • Work reports

While your solution will depend on your needs, regardless of the services used, everything can be managed and tracked through our online platform and in real-time.

Integrated job management
for an easy way to keep track of your information

Through job pages you can easily track all the information (such as costs and reviews) and communication relevant to a job.

Easy scheduling
so you are one step ahead of everything

By automatically providing you with options of qualified and available employees to fulfill a job request, scheduling will be a breeze.

Work reports

Automatically generate employee work and compensation reports (among many other types of reports)

Combine jobs

When applicable you can assign multiple workers to one job.