Driver Management
and the link with their performance

Managing your drivers is not just about knowing their routes but also analyzing their driving behavior, managing their workload and ensuring their safety.

Our Driver Management solution links our on-board monitoring devices with the driver app via Bluetooth, which allows each driver (with a unique ID) to track their hours, while also letting you track their performance.

Utilize the digital tachograph and download the data to ensure DTCO and FMCSA compliance.

Benefits related with Driver Management

  • Obtain detailed reports
  • Optimize your transport via driver profiles
  • Discern between usages
  • Schedule transportation
  • DTCO and FMCSA compliance
  • Avoid overtime

While your solution will depend on your needs, regardless of the services used, everything can be managed and tracked through our online platform and in real-time.

Optimize your transport via driver profiles
for better management

Create personal profiles for each driver and keep a history of their routes, traffic violations and safety track record. Suggest preferred routes for drivers.

Obtain detailed reports
and be aware of your drivers' performance

Track your drivers’ performance (such as fuel efficiency, HOS) and generate detailed reports. Lorem ipsum, lorem ipsum, lorem ipsum, lorem ipsum.

Discern between usages
to increase work and private trips transparency

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Allow your drivers to use their private cars by being able to distinguish their private trips, as they can record private and business trips via the app

Avoid overtime

If a driver has completed his full time hours per week, receive route reassignment suggestion for other drivers to avoid overtime

DTCO and FMCSA compliance

By obtaining data from the tachograph you can ensure that your drivers are fulfilling the DTCO (EU) and FMCSA (USA) regulations on their work hours.

Schedule transportation

Automatically assign upcoming transportation to drivers based on their history and optimized routes.